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Welcome to the Garden of Unearthly Delights. From salvage yard to back yard, from trash to treasure, I create one-of-a kind sculptures to grace garden and home.  This botanically inspired work mimics Mother Nature if Mother Nature worked in metal and was playing for laughs.

Hosta Luego
Loving Couple
Hey Lolly Lolly
Cosmos in the Cosmos
Augering Well
Indian Paint Brush
Fran's African Woman
Blue Hoe Down
Hope Springs...
Ode to Troy Built
Made In Japan
Purple Passion
Ferrous Faucet
Ferrous Faucet
Toad Table and Matching Stools
Big Bonsei
Bonnie's Bloom
Narcissus Pseudo Narcissus 2
Agave At the Office
Saw Grass
I'd Like To Thank My Fans
Loving Couple in Snow
She Saw A Rose
Disco Diva
Belle Fleur
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